december 24, 2013


The first model, the Oak Brothers 29’ Lobster, uses a traditional and widely recognised Maine lobster boat design. It has been modified by measurements, material use and optimization for leisure activities. In addition, Oak Brothers Marine uses a exceptional high quality of ground materials, providing the boat with an elegant, luxurious and solid look.

Furthermore, the hull is altered in four distinctive areas. The transom is constructed from a traditional Maine lobster boat and altered to be fitted as a negative transom of 8 degrees. Moreover, in the negative transom there have been fitted two big holes for the self-bailing cockpit.

Secondly, the hull of the Oak Brothers 29’ Lobster is different in the way of its sheer line. The rear of the boat has a middle height of eighty cm, the middle if lowest point of the boat due to its traditional way of pulling up fyke nets. From this point on, the hull will gradually increase in height toward the bow of the boat and is one meter and thirty-three centimeters. To continue, the bow has very steep angle protecting passengers from the rough seas in Maine.

Thirdly, the spray rail is not a traditional feature on a lobster boat. However, the Oak Brothers 29’ uses this line to run smoothly on seas when doing high speeds. Traditionally, the spray rail is underwater and is only used to spray off the water. In our innovative design we optimise this spray rail in order to help the stability at greater speed, while maintaining its original function. We designed the spray rail into the waterline to ensure the fact that the spray rail is always on the water level, making this one of the first boats that dares this very innovative construction in practice.

Lastly, the boat is formed in a tumblehome transom, which is recognisable as a traditional Maine lobster boat but with a modern touch.

Overall, the Oak Brothers 29’ has a unique design, together with practically, which makes it shippable for every sort of water while providing luxury for its passenger.