december 24, 2013


Oak Brothers Marine was founded in 2011, in Warmond, The Netherlands by two brothers van Eijk.

The company is specialized in unique yacht design, inspired by the traditional New-England aspects.

The traditional New-England lobster boats aspects are opened up for European coast water in bringing it together with modern technology. The company has multiple users potential, making it possible to use it as a sloep or a leisure boat. The unique design makes it more luxurious, however none of its old core values has vanished.

Starting off, the first model was build to sail coast water, focussing mainly on our home country, the Netherlands. This gave the company a unique insight of the different forms of water, different weather conditions, proving the Oak Brothers 29’ lobster is capable of hitting European water.

The unique aluminium welded hull, created a solid base from where the boat was later put together by craftsmanship from Van Leest Scheepsbouw BV. The combination of this experienced shipyard, and our unique design makes this boat and possible future projects like no other.

In order to succeed in our dream, we will stick to our vision and core values, which are innovation, unique, craftsmanship, family and entrepreneurial vision but not vanishing the traditional New-England aspects of the lobster boat.

Oakbrothers MijnNaamisHaze-foto--48